Swivel Locks

4–8 Series Swivel Locks

Capacity up to 6000 lbs each

Swivel locks quickly convert swivel casters to rigid casters for straight-line tracking. A spring-loaded, hand operated plunger is engaged to fit into slots on the swivel raceway. To engage the lock, simply pull out plunger and turn until spring action inserts plunger in notches on raceway. To disengage the lock, simply pull out the plunger and turn so plunger is not inserted in notches on raceway. Colson offers 3 types of hand operated swivel locks: Welded, Bolt-On and Kingpinless. Check Availability!

Welded Swivel Locks: Colson’s welded swivel locks are factory installed only. They lock in 90° intervals on 4 and 6 Series casters. To order the lock, see the “Welded Models” chart.
Bolt-On Swivel Locks: The bolt-on swivel locks are field installable only but require that the fork yoke base have notches at 90° intervals. They are available on 4-6 Series casters. To order the lock, see the “Bolt-On Models” chart.
Kingpinless Swivel Locks: Colson Kingpinless Enforcer casters have notches in the raceway, so it is possible to field install swivel locks for kingpinless models. They lock in 90° intervals. Simply bolt the swivel lock on when you install on equipment. This swivel lock is availble on 4, 6, 7 and 8 Series Enforcer casters. To order the lock, see the “Kingpinless Models” chart.

Foot Activated Swivel Locks

Capacity to 1400 lbs each

No more back strain from bending down to activate a swivel lock. When the foot pedal is in the “up” position, a stainless steel spring forces a pin into one of the four slots on the swivel fork. This effectively locks the swivel in one of four positions at 90° intervals. To disengage the lock, simply press down on the foot pedal for free swiveling action. It’s that easy! With this innovative product, you can quickly and easily convert swivel casters to rigid casters for straight-line tracking. When you need greater maneuverability, you can quickly convert from the rigid position back to full swivel. Quick. Easy. Less stress and strain. The Colson Ergonomic AdvantageTM.

NOTE: Foot Activated Swivel Lock is field installable but requires notches in caster fork yoke base at 90° intervals.

DirtBan Swivel Seals

Keep dirt out and lube in for longer caster life.

Seals are recommended for applications where casters and equipment are exposed to regular washings such as hospitals, food processing plants, restaurants, meat packaging plants, laundries, bakeries and more. The seals keep dirt out of the swivel raceway and lubricant in. Colson polyurethane DirtBan seals help casters run smoother and last longer with very little drag on the swivel action. They offer a high resistance to grease, oils, chemicals, detergents and water. To order on caster, specify “SEAL“. To field install the seals, simply remove the caster wheel and place seals in the upper and lower raceway. No special tools are needed. The DirtBan seals are available on 2 and 4 Series casters. To field install the seals, see chart.

2 & 3 Series Dust Caps

Protects swivel raceway from harmful debris.

Keep dust and debris out of the raceway for smoother operation and longer service life. Dust caps are available on 2 and 3 Series models only. To order the dust caps with a caster, specify “DC1“. Dust caps are not field installable.

Plastic & Metal Thread Guards

Designed to keep lent, thread and other soft materials out of bearings.

Certain industries and institutions find that excessive amounts of lint, thread and other soft materials have a tendency to work into caster wheel bearings. Wheel thread guards help overcome this problem. The thread guard does not revolve and thus forces thread to deposit away from the wheel bearing, not to mention it greatly improves the caster’s appearance. Colson offers both plastic and metal thread guards. Plastic thread guards are more flexible and will not rust or corrode making them ideal for wash down applications. Metal thread guards have a zinc plated finish on 1-3 Series wheels and a galvanized finish for 4-7 Series models to protect against corrosion. To order on a caster, specify “TG1” for metal and “TG2” for plastic thread guards. To check for availability on caster models consult factory.

Wheel/Thread Guard Availability