71 Series Kingpinless Casters



  • Precision machined 3-1/4″ diameter raceway, through hardened for impact resistance.
  • Swivel seal keeps out dirt and moisture.
  • 3/8″ x 3″ legs formed and welded both inside and outside.
  • Swivel locks and wheel brakes available.
  • Designed around standard industry dimensions for mounting plate, bolt hole spacing and overall height.
  • Swivel raceway is sealed as a standard feature.


The 71 series is our heaviest offering in the fabricated single ball race caster. High alloy steel tubing is precisley cut and machined into precision raceways, which are then robotically welded to the top plate. The inner raceway is welded both inside and outside for superior strength. The fabrication of the top plate swivel section allows us to vary the top plate size to meet various competitive top plate options. These casters are very well suited for medium duty towing applications where shock loads are present. The swivel raceways is through hardened for strength and toughness. These casters are offered with swivel locks and brakes.