70 Series Heavy Duty Casters



  • Hot forged C-1045 steel swivel section.
  • 4″ diameter load raceway
  • 1″ diameter kingbolt with slotted adjusting nut.
  • Notched yokebase for fiel installation of swivel locks.
  • 3/8″ x 3″ legs formed and welded both inside and outside, 3/4″ axle.


The 70 Series is one of the most popular designs in the industry. Hot forged swivel sections combined with industrial duty 2-1/2 to 3″ wide wheels give you a caster that is well suited for many inplant applications. The 1″ diameter grade 5 kingbolt gives the swivel section strength for extended service. This series is used on medium heavy duty power drawn equipment as well as heavier duty manually handled equipment. Gantry cranes, work platforms, in plant trailers, dragline trucks, warehouse trucks are just a few of the applications for this series.


Swivel lock:
Factory installed: SL70
Field installed: DSL70
Swivel Restriction: SR
Single Side Brake: SSB70
Dual Side Brake: DSB70
Face Contact Brake: FCB70
Poly Cam Brake: PCB70
Wrap around Brake: WAB70
Toe Guard: TG70
Heat Treated Raceways: HT70
Wheel Seals: WS
Note: Consult the factory for special overall heights and finishes.