65 Series Heavy Duty Casters



  • Hot forged C-1045 steel swivel section.
  • 3.25″ diameter fully machined load raceway, concentric to kingpin.
  • 3/4″ integrally forged kingpin.
  • Notched yokebase for fiel installation of swivel.
  • 3/8″ x 2-1/2″ legs formed and welded both inside and outside, 3/4″ axle.
  • Built to standard industry dimensions for top plate, bolt hoole spacing and overall height.


Hot forged swivel sections are the strongest available on the market, providing you with a high carbon steel bearing surface which will handle more abusive applications than the equivalent cold forged swivel sections. The forging process does not leave you with a finished part, every swivel top plate and yoke base is machined to a mirror smooth finish for a close tolerance fit. During the machining process, the kingpin is machined out of stock forged into the top plate. This integrally forged part provides strength and a precision fit. The load race is machined in the same process and therefore is concentric to the kingpin. The heavy section kingpin provides strength and eliminates “kingpin stretch” which is a major point of failure in rivited or nut and bolt design swivel sections.


Swivel lock:
Factory installed:
Field installed:
Toe Guard:
Single Side Brake: SSB65
Dual Side Brake: DSB65
Face Contact Brake: FCB65
Poly Cam Brake: PCB65
Wrap around Brake: WAB65
Wheel Seals: WS
Note: Consult the factory for special overall heights and finishes.